A sheet was passed out to students at the Spring Recital for summer music making ideas.  Anyone who completes 8 of these by the first fall lesson will get a prize!  

1.  Attend a live music concert!  Write down your favorite songs and what instruments you saw.

2.  Perform a mini-recital for your relatives or friends.  Make your own recital program on the computer.  Be sure to include a bio of yourself and list at least 4 pieces you will perform.

3.  Learn 2 new pieces from your lesson books, and surprise me at your next lesson!

4.  Purchase a new piece of music from the local music store or online with your parents and learn it!

5.   Teach a piece to a younger sibling or friend.  Write your friend's name and the piece title you chose!  If you do this twice, this counts twice!

6.  Compose a simple, short piece.  Give it a title and perform it for me at your next lesson.

7.  Listen to at least one piece of music by each of these composers online with your parents:  Franz Liszt, Ludwig van Beethoven, Robert Schumann, Sergei Rachmaninoff.  Write down your favorite!

8.  Play all of your scales and technique with metronome.  Write down the metronome speed for each day.  Stay with the metronome and see if you can get 4 notches faster!

9.  Listen to piano music while you eat your breakfast every morning.  Mix it up to include different styles!

10.  Learn a duet and play with someone.  It can be with another pianist or a different instrument.  

11.  Watch 4 "Piano Guys" videos on youtube with your parents.  

12.  Research how an acoustic piano works.

13.  Listen to a bird song and see if you can replicate it on the piano

14.  Research how to safely clean your piano and give those keys a good scrubbing!

15.  Interview aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents and find out what instruments they know how to play.  How many people in your family play an instrument?

16.  Make an Origami Piano (

17.  Give your piano a big hug when you return from a vacation, and play your favorite piece!