Piano education, refined.

Music is a gift—for life!  Our piano studio seeks to help students of all ages discover their full musical potential with creative, high quality music teaching.  Lessons are tailored to each individual student, fostering confidence and enjoyment in music-making, something that lasts a lifetime.

Week of September 17: Regular private lesson schedule. I'm excited for a brand new year of music making and learning with all of the students!  Please see "Events" and "Group Lessons" for upcoming dates on our piano calendar.

SUMMER CHALLENGE: Congratulations to all of the students who completed 8 challenges and received prizes!

BUILD A PIANO, EAT A PIANO!  See "News" for what one student has done, with photos to prove it!

TINIEST PIANOS IN THE STUDIO: Check out Judson’s creations, in “News”.









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