The goal of this studio is to instill a love and appreciation for music in each student, developing piano technique and skills that allows each student to recognize the rewards of practice and time management.  Students will learn to express themselves artistically, developing their ability to participate comfortably and proficiently in music-making.  These skills translate to all areas of school and work and play.  


It is the parents’ responsibility to see that their child practices.  There is a direct relationship between regular practice and student success.  Parents should establish a regular practice routine that is free from distractions and give plenty of positive reinforcement for and during the practice session.  When possible, parents are encouraged to help their child practice, especially for younger and/or beginning students.  For younger students, several shorter practice sessions are encouraged, again with lots of help from parents.  For older ones, daily practice of the amount of their lesson is recommended (ie. 30 minute lesson = 30 minutes daily practice, at least five times per week.)   Parental involvement cannot be underestimated in nurturing a positive musical environment.   Practice sessions should include playing of assigned pieces, review of older pieces, theory, composition and listening to recordings of their current and other pieces, as assigned by the teacher.

Students will be given an incentive chart/practice log to keep track of practice and earn rewards for good practice habits.

Group Classes

In addition to private lessons,  group piano classes and a recital are offered during the session to develop performance practice and theory skills—plus they are a lot of fun! 

The group class is a time for students to gather together for performance and listening opportunities.  Each student will choose with the teacher 1 or more pieces to perform for the group.  We will also play music and theory games which reinforce musical concepts covered in lessons.  For these group lessons, the students are separated into two groups by age and/or level.  The class is 45-90 minutes long and will take place in lieu of the weekly lesson. 

Lesson Preparation and Missed Lessons

It is the student’s responsibility to come to the lesson each week and on time.  All music and materials should be brought to each lesson.  The student should come to the lessons ready to learn.  A small snack and/or rest time after school may facilitate this.  

Students must make every effort to be at and on time for each lesson.   Lessons are rescheduled only if 24-hour advance notice has been given and if time permits in the teacher’s schedule.  Cancellations that are made 24 hours in advance are eligible for a make-up lesson.  Individual make-up lessons will be given if there is room in the instructor’s schedule.  Lessons missed due to forgetfulness or lack of preparation will not be rescheduled.  Please remember that the weekly lesson time is the student’s personal and financial responsibility, reserved by the teacher for that student only.  Lessons missed by the teacher due to illness or scheduling conflict will always be rescheduled.  If the student misses a rescheduled lesson for any reason, it will not be rescheduled again.

Please note:  because make-up lessons are available, there is no reduction in tuition for missed lessons. 


Communication between instructor and students and/or parents is essential to help with student progress.  Students and parents are encouraged to email or call any time—see About for contact information.

Session Schedule and Tuition

Tuition is to be paid in advance, quarterly or monthly. There will be a late fee for payments more than 30 days overdue.