GROUP LESSONS, 2019-2020

Group lessons will take place twice a quarter, for a total of 6 classes throughout the school year.

Middle/High School Students: Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm

Please note that this year, the class has been increased to 1.5 hours, due to the number of students in the group. Students are welcome to come for all or part of the class, and are strongly encouraged to perform for as many classes as possible for performance practice. For students interested in the AP Music Theory Exam in May (mostly Juniors and Seniors), an extra Ear-Training, Sight-Singing, and Dictation session will be before the Group Lesson from 3:45-4pm.


October 22

November 26: Improvisation, composition, and Piano Pal introductions!

January 28:

March 10 (tentative, will be confirmed after M.A.P. Schedule is posted)

April 28

June 2 (tentative, dependent on National Guild schedule)

Elementary School Students: Fridays, 4-4:45pm*


October 25

November 25 (*Monday): Improvisation and composition. Discover your Piano Pal!

January 31:

March 13: M.A.P. Week!

May 1

June 5

Group Lesson, 2018-2019

8th-12th Grade Students:  Tuesdays, 5-6pm

4th to 7th Grade Students:  Tuesdays, 4-5pm

*New! Kindergarten to 3rd grade: Fridays, 3:45-4:30 * (see unique schedule below)

Week of October 23: K-3 class learned about Schubert (world’s fastest composer?), Line & Space Notes, Rhythms/Rests and Barlines, Performance Etiquette. 4th to 12 graders learned about Scarlatti, Copland and Bernstein; 6/8 time; Major, minor, diminished and augmented chords; performance practice; rhythm snacks and Finger Frenzy!

Week of November 20: Improvisation & Piano Pal introduction; Performance practice; Rhythm; Note ID & Key signatures

Week of January 29: Piano Pal compositions are due! We also discussed metronomes and tempo definitions; hand position; the story of Chopin; Slapboards with musical symbols; cupcakes for snack!

Week of March 11: (Due to Music Artistry Program, group lessons are on MONDAY this month!): This month is all about performance, as we get ready for M.A.P.! Each student had the opportunity to act as a “Visiting Artist”, and what thoughtful and insightful comments! I’m so impressed! Maybe one day we will see you as a Visiting Artist. Composer of the month: Brahms (comparing Hungarian Dance #5 and the famous Lullaby). Theory: Key signatures and how to remember them. Posture at the piano/hand position. Spring cookies and popcorn for snacks!

Week of April 30: Our K-3rd Group Class learned about Georg Phillip Telemann and how he could play just about every instrument and composed in 8 parts as fast as most people write! We also learned about 1/2 and whole steps, intervals, and harpsichords.

Week of May 28: Scale Olympics! Get those technical phases ready for Guild Auditions on May 30! These include Scales, Chords & Cadences, and Arpeggios. K-3rd: This group practiced recital/performance etiquette; heard about Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream; learned about the clarinet; FACE & All Cows Eat Grass Review!

*K-3rd grade classes will be these dates: October 19, November 30, January 25, March 8, April 19, May 17. All classes will be Fridays, 3:45-4:30.



Group Lesson Dates 2017-18

7th-12th Grade students:  Tuesdays, 3:15-4:15

1st-6th Grade students:  Tuesdays, 4:15-5:15

October 24, Tuesday:  Topics included--How to tell YOUR story in your performance!  Preparing mentally and physically for performing; Music Theory--intervals and steps; Birthdays of avant-garde composer George Crumb and the "Waltz King" Johann Strauss, Jr.

November 21:  Storytelling through music, improv; motivic development--sequence, repetition, transposition, retrograde, etc; Piano Pal composition ideas.

January 30:  Presentation of Piano Pal/composition project!  We will also be discussing French music and composers and practicing effectively.  Of course, music theory games and French snacks!

March 13:  Preparation for M.A.P. performance; Performance Anxiety as an Asset; Projecting through our pieces--color, mood, dynamics, tone, story; Edvard Grieg; Shape-note singing.

May 1:  Listening Guide, Score Analysis, Franz Liszt, Benjamin Britten, British tea and digestives.  

June 4:  One last performance opportunity before Guild tomorrow, and our Spring Recital!  Plus, end of the year music games!



Group Lesson Dates 2016-2017

7th-12th Grade students:  Tuesdays, 3:15-4:15

1st-6th Grade students:  Tuesdays, 4:15-5:15

October 11--Mozart, Practice Techniques that Really Work, M/m/dim/Aug Chords and Lead Sheets

November 22--Lead Sheet performances, Improvisation, How Music Study Affects Your Life, and Piano Pal assignment!

January 31--Piano Pal performances!  Plus, Schubert/Mozart comparisons, Musical Terms, Musical Forms

March 21--Bach's 332nd Birthday!  Plus Performance Prep/Bulletproof Musician, Adjudications performances 

May 2--Introducing the new Steinway!  It's all about that Piano....

June 5 (Monday--please note the change!)--Getting ready for National Guild exams the next day!  Birthdays of Martha Argerich and Kenny G!  Technique Races--Scales, Chords, Cadences, Arpeggios; Performance Tips; Fun Summer Project Ideas.