Piano education, refined.

Music is a gift—for life!  Our piano studio seeks to help students of all ages discover their full musical potential with creative, high quality music teaching.  Lessons are tailored to each individual student, fostering confidence and enjoyment in music-making, something that lasts a lifetime.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 14: Regular lesson week. Students are preparing for Group Lessons! And Concertos!

FIRST GROUP LESSONS: Tuesday, October 22, 4-5:30pm! This is for High School and Middle Schoolers. Come prepared to share your music and listen to your fellow young pianists.

ELEMENTARY GROUP LESSON: Friday, October 25, 4-4:45pm. Performance practice, theory games, and composer stories!

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT OUR “5-P Practice”? It stands for “Pick a Piece of Practice Paper, Please!” Take a look under “News”.

MASTER LESSONS: With Dr. Merilyn Jacobson, October 27. This is sure to be beneficial!

CONGRATULATIONS to Lilia for receiving a Gold Medal at the Seattle Bach Festival on Sept. 29! See “News” for more details.

CHECK OUT Sky’s Lego Pianos! See “News”.

CONCERTO RECITAL: Friday, November 8 @ 7-8pm. Please come and support these fabulous young pianists! They have been hard at work, learning concerto movements by Bach, Ravel, Addinsell, Kevin Olson, Lynn Freeman Olson, Anna Asch, and Eugenie Rochelle. You will be amazed and delighted!

CONCERTO COMPETITION: Nov. 16 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. All day. All are welcome! Feel free to stop by and support our talented young pianists.

AP MUSIC THEORY EXAM: Anyone interested in taking the Advanced Placement Music Theory Exam on May 13, 2020, please contact me. This is something new for this year, and would require a commitment to study on a regular basis, as the exam is challenging, especially the aural portion (dictation and sight-singing). I would recommend it to high schoolers who have an interest and knowledge in Music Theory.

CHECK OUT THE CALENDAR FOR 2019-2020! See “Events” and “Group Lessons”.

SUMMER CAMP 2019: ALL ABOUT ENSEMBLES! Middle and High School students worked on duos, trios and a quartet, from Classics to Jazz, Tango and Journey! The final recital featured their collaborations and collected over 50 lbs of food for the local food bank. See “News” for more information!

TRIO RECITAL ON July 14, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Olympia. Three of our students-Lilia, Megan & Madison- performed a charity recital to benefit UNICEF (Education Fund). They raised almost $2,600 for the fund! Thank you, generous friends and family! See “News” for more details. https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/keys-for-kids-piano-recital.

RECITAL UPDATE: PHOTOS AVAILABLE! See “News”. What a fantastic crowd we had for our Spring Recital! Everyone enjoyed each of you and your beautiful music! Thank you for sharing your musical talents with the community.

NATIONAL GUILD UPDATE: Each student prepared 3 Technical Phases and 7 memorized pieces—whew! What a huge accomplishment. I’m pleased to report that EVERYONE PASSED with Superior or Superior Plus! Judge Preta Laughlin was very impressed with all of you and your excellent preparation. More information found at “News”.

Congratulations to Lilia for passing her 15-piece International High School Diploma Exam! Way to go!

Congratulations to Chloe for earning her Sonatina Plaque-5 full sonatinas! So impressive!

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