Summer 2017 Music Making

Summer Recitals by Chloe, Isabella, Lilia & Megan:

These four students performed recitals at local retirement centers this summer, much to the delight of those in attendance!  

Chloe performed her first solo recital (at 10 years old!) and did a musical and masterful showcase.  

Isabella and her two brothers, Ben (violin) and Jacob (cello) perform as the Swords and Shields Trio.  They were very well received, especially an original composition by one of the brothers!  

Lilia and Megan performed a duo recital to a lovely and appreciative crowd, pleasing them with their National Guild concert repertoire.  

What a wonderful way to contribute to our community and to create a musical afternoon or evening for others!

Other summer musical activities included:  

Lilia:  Icicle Creek Piano Camp, Appletree Productions (piano)

Megan:  Poomba in the Lion King (CTE), Appletree Productions (piano)

Alex:  CTE and Appletree Productions--lighting, stage design, piano and violin