Lilia and Chloe take on the Chopin NW 2018!

Two students from our studio, Lilia and Chloe, took part in the 15th Chopin NW Piano Competition.  Featuring all piano music of Chopin, it was a day filled with beautiful music and incredible performances.  There were 6 divisions according to age, from under 9 years old to 18 year olds and adults.  

RESULTS:  Chloe won the Silver Medal in the 10-11 year category!  Congratulations on your hard work and exceptional performance, Chloe!  You can see her competition performance:; as well as her performance at the Winners' Recital here:

A message from the President of the Chopin NW, Allan Park, summarizes the event:

Dear Chopin NW Winners, RESONANCE Manager, teachers and board members,

WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY! Four rooms, four judges, 170 contestants, 32 hours of Chopin’s music and thousands of practicing hours brought us to this pivotal point to say CONGRATULATIONS to you all! You deserve the spotlight and I am certain that we will have a beautiful Gold and Silver Medalists’ Concert tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 11 at 2 pm (Gold Medalists) and 4:30 (Silver Medalists)!

Chloe and Lilia are all smiles after the Chopin NW!

Chloe and Lilia are all smiles after the Chopin NW!