Music Artistry Program 2019 with Jee Wong

The 2019 M.A.P. was a huge accomplishment for all of our students! Every student participated, including a student of student teacher Lilia. Our visiting artist, Jee Wong from Las Vegas, had some wonderful comments for each young pianist. A few are listed below. Congratulations to everyone: Landon, Linnea, Gavin, Sky, Madison, Megan, Judson, Calvin, Lucas, Lilia, Alexander, Luke, Viveka, Isabella, and Chloe! What an enjoyable way to spend a day, listening to all of you!

Winners were chosen for the OMTA Honors Recital. Congratulations to these wonderful young pianists! Click below to see their performance:

Sky, Handel Sonata

Chloe, Chopin Fantasie Impromptu

Megan, Chopin Polonaise in AM

Alternates are: Lilia, Calvin, Isabella

Good job and thank you for all of your hard work!

Some comments by Jee Wong:

Keep your bridge firm. If a spaceship were to land on your bridge, would it hold it up or collapse?

Press into this molding clay. That’s how hard you need to press the keys.

For accents, imagine I’m going to suddenly put an ice pack on your back!

How do you say the same thing 4 times loudly? Scream, yell, scold, raise voice.

Feel the forward momentum of the music. Make a wheel with your arm and spin!

Bounce your wrist, like you are dunking a teabag into a cup of water.

You know your notes, now let you and show FREEDOM!

Big chords and accents: grab a dandelion and yank it out by the roots!