National Guild 2019

National Guild 2019: an unequivocal success!

May 30 was a BIG day as the National Guild Auditions took place in our Studio with judge Preta Laughlin.  Whether this was your first (Calvin & Madison) or 10th (Lilia) and everyone in between, this is no small feat!  Each student prepared 10 or 15 memorized pieces and technical phases.  Gavin, Isabella, and Chloe have reached 5 years of Auditions at the National Level--this milestone will be noted in the National Piano Guild Magazine.  Chloe took on a double program with the Sonatina Plaque, 5 complete sonatinas (15 movements), as well as the National Level Audition.  Lilia tested for her 10th year and High School Diploma/Scholarship, which 15 advanced level memorized repertoire pieces and technical phases, a 90 minutes marathon test.

EVERYONE PASSED WITH SUPERIOR OR SUPERIOR PLUS! HOORAY! You students all amaze me! You should all feel proud of what you accomplished this year!



Madison, Isabella, Lucas, Calvin, Sky, Viveka

Superior Plus:

Lilia, Luke, Judson, Gavin, Chloe, Chloe Sonatina, Megan